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Check out the Core + Plyo Challenge!

This Challenge is CLOSED

It’s Friday!!! And that means the all-first “Challenge Day”, designed to encourage people to stay active and healthy!

250 Crunches (any way you want them!)
One week, so get started!

You, me, and everybody you can convince to join. Make it a family challenge if you’d like!
By Thursday 11:59PM, send me your Crunch Count, with your name (and names of everybody you convinced to join!) and if you’d like,
share with us how YOU do it!
Other than a slammin’ six pack, you will run faster! Yes, you heard me: a stronger core will give you a nice speed boost! So while it doesn’t replace speed work, it certainly will help!
A whole lot of will power 😉
All of you! To see the scores, Click the Apple Core!

* If 250 seems a lot for a week, look at it this way: 36 crunches per day and you can do half in the morning and half at night!

Click It!

So here are some mini-guidelines:
– Planks: 10 sec= 2 crunches
– You can use your Abs DVD, just make sure to count how many you do!
– Be honest about it.. otherwise it’s no fun!

Get to work and don’t forget to bring in as many people as you can!

– Kloé

Question #3: What’s your favorite Ab move?

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