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Do you ever feel those last two days/weeks/months have been everything BUT healthy? no exercise, a lot of “specials”… And at this point, getting back on track seems almost impossible – especially that first step, right?

Well, I’ve got news (or just a reminder) for you: not only is it “possible”, but it’s actually very doable!

Step #1:
Acknowledge that it starts Here and Now. Not tomorrow after that business trip of yours.

Step #2: Identify that barrier between you and your exercise: is it physical, psychological or a hibrid of both?

  • Ex: It’s been three days  I have not exercised at all and have not been eating well to say the least – I STILL feel full and bloated, etc. Even my daily gigantic water intake was out the window!
    Needless to explain how I feel… but it’d be pretty close to an old, dried-up, very slow… something!
    Just the thought of going on a 5 miles run seems to be straight out of a Fairy Tale/Fantasy book… Heck, I’m not even sure I could do a mile right now!
    As sad and pathetic as this is, I KNOW I don’t have a choice: the more I wait, the harder it’s gonna be, and quite frankly, I can’t bare the thought of anything harder than that, so onto phase #3!

Step #3: Fix it, step by step!

Here’s what I’m gonna do:

  1. Pick up my dear bottle of water and never let it leave my side… ever again! (OK – maybe just for the next couple of days)
  2. Go for a walk with my new BFF Aquafina. That will make me realize my legs are still capable of moving (thank god!) and well it’s a great way to fill that lunch hour!
  3. Finally, I feel almost ready to tackle the monster: I lace-up my running shoes, do 10-20 push-ups to get the blood flowing (really it just makes me feel really BAD-ASS!!) and head-out the door… Without giving a chance to my mind to convince me otherwise! I’m not going all out, just a nice and short run is enough to get my motivation back on track so tomorrow I’ll have a great souvenir of it and will want to do it all-over again!

OK: I talk the talk, now onto walking the walk! – Literally 😉

What are your “Back on Track” stories and tricks?


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So maybe I haven’t talked much about it, but stretching as you all know is SO important. It may prevent injuries, warm your body up and cool it down after a good exercise session. More than that, it is so relaxing when we actually take the time to do it well, and it gives a very positive ending to whatever activity you were doing.
So let’s take a little break from the crunches and all, and focus on warm-ups and cool-downs.


Goal: a total of 60 minutes of stretching for the coming week

That means only 10 minutes a day for 6 days, but do it well!

Enjoy that little break from boot camp!

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This weekend, other than being the Superbowl party, I was supposed to have a race. The Dirty Dog 10k Trail Run. I was very excited for it, because it’s not one of those race where I’d try to set a PR, but really it was all about enjoying the frozen forest, the trails and the landscape. Breath in the cold air in the nature where city noises can’t reach… Well I just found out (totally my fault) that it is 1 hour and a half away from here. And I don’t have a car. So bye bye trail race in the mud/snow/forest, I’ll have to find a closer one. Which is most likely to be just a regular on the road race… I’ll still go on a long run this saturday in the frozen winter landscapes… sigh…

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Why do good intentions don’t always lead to good things? well I don’t know, but perseverance certainly helps. Here’s what happened:

As I was working on my Plyos for the Core + Plyo Challenge (good intentions), something bad happened. I wasn’t wearing my running shoes (only a pair of socks) and as I jumped in my push-up position, I felt a sharp pain in my big toe. Then I think to myself “oh merde!“… My wooden floors gave me a splinter! I was just about to go for my long run, and I saw my running life “défiler” before my eyes. I tried squeezing it out, without much results. I reached for the nail clipper (warning: it gets a bit graphic here) and carved my way to the splinter, but it was just not enough. It kept going a bit further.

You have to understand here that many scenarios were passing through my head. What if it causes infection and I can’t run? What if it’s so painful for the next week that I can’t run? and what if it becomes so bad they have to remove my big toe, or worse my whole foot? Ok I admit I didn’t think this far: just thought it would be a nice addition! but you get the point. So paired with the nail clipper, a needle was just what I needed. After spending 20 minutes not giving up (perseverance), I got it! Me vs. Splinter and I WON! Woah, what an EPIC morning!

Lesson to retain: when doing Plyo B**** wear shoes!

Do you have bad Splinter Stories?

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RACE/CHALLENGE DAY IS BACK AGAIN! You can check out the results from last week’s Challenge Here. Due to high demand (three people, oh yeah ;-)) the Core Challenge: Crunch 1000 will be back for a third consecutive week. I encourage everybody to join, guys & girls, newbies & vets, athletes & couch lovers, etc. The scores will be updated everyday. To see the Scoreboard Click the Green Apple!

Click Here!

So having a strong core is great, but there’s more to being fit than abs. Last Tuesday, I introduced one of my favorite moves:
It incorporates cardio, biceps, triceps, chest, back, core, glutes, legs, and basically every single muscles in your body. It uses your own body weight, and is in my opinion one of the hardest greatest move out there. Since I forgot its actual name, we’ll just call it the Plyometric B****.

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Start in standing position, feet shoulder-width apart. You must execute this move as quickly as you can while maintaining a good form!
  2. Bring your hands to the floor in front of your feet, and jump into push-up position.
  3. Do a Push-up: Keep back as straight as possible, core tight and lower so your chin is two inches from the ground, and come back up.
  4. Quickly bring your feet to your hands, and jump as high as you can. This is ONE

The Rules:

  • 1000 crunches & 200 Plyometric B****
  • You have until next Thursday (February 4th 11:59PM) to turn in your numbers.
  • Update me as often as you can by leaving a comment on the wall
  • Bring in as many people as you can, to help me and the world to be FITTER and HEALTHIER!
  • There’s a reason why I called it the Plyometric B****. If you REALLY can’t do it, just omit the push-up and stay in plank position.

How Do You Get In? Just leave a message saying “I’m in” and I’ll put your name up on the board!

How to incorporate Plyo in your already existing workout routine:

  1. Use the Plyo as a hard-core warm-up to your runs
  2. Finish hard with the Plyo and the Abs
  3. Do an interval workout: Weights-Plyo-Weights-Plyo or Cardio-Plyo-cardio… you get the point!
  4. Be Creative!

Join The Challenge for the second/third week, and all you have to do is your best! It is a friendly competition, and YOU are your biggest competitor! So get on the mat and prove to yourself that you can do it!

I know there are a lot more moves out there then just crunches, so use common sense to count it
Update me as frequently as you can by leaving a comment on the wall!

– Kloé

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Just a reminder that tonight is the LAST DAY to turn in your Crunch Count for the Core Challenge Extended, so make sure to let me know, and congrats to everyone taking on the Challenge!

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Just a little reminder, if you haven’t had a chance to look at Healthy Start, do so because it’ll explain the way Three Green Leaves works!
Wednesday? Ah, Nutrition/Health day!

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