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As some of you may know, I am going to Puerto Rico in less than 3 weeks, and I can’t wait! I’ve been doing a bit of research and decided to talk about water sports today. So for those of you who are taking a warm vacation, live in the sun year round or those day-dreaming, read on.

What is it? About three days ago I had no idea. Never even heard that word before (remember English is only a second language!). So I researched it, and it seems to come right in my realm of aquatic capacities (no great swimming skills required).
Basically, it is swimming at the surface of the water with a tube called snorkel. Yep, that’s it. But what’s so wonderful about it, is that you get an amazing view of the under-water life while getting in some exercise AND relaxing! Yes that’s possible: for one hour of leisure swimming, a 150lbs person will burn 408 calories. Amazing right? – That is if you don’t just float the entire time (Thanks Foy)
All you need is access to a beach, a snorkel, a snorkeling mask and you are good to go! Now if you want to go all-in, get some snorkeling fins and an under-water camera for great memories.


Well you probably already know what it is: sit in your kayak, paddle in hand and… Paddle! This is a great way to explore a body of open water (sea, lakes, etc.) and its surroundings. Bring a cooler with lunch and beers, and enjoy the warm rays of the sun (I am not promoting drunk-paddling). And of course, believe it or not, you are making your shoulders, chest, biceps, and all those muscle work as you paddle. So that’s another awesome fun, relaxing way to exercise and enjoy the great outdoors. Note that I’m talking about sea/lake kayaking and not going to attempt rapids (for the moment).

I’ll make sure to take tons of pictures, and will give you a “compte-rendu” of my first tropical water sports experience. But meanwhile, I want to know your water-sports experiences, and what are your recommendations???


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Ouch, so this past week was a definite flop when it comes to working out. I got sick with a pretty bad cold which stuck to me like bad weather sticks to Cleveland… Hahaha, I couldn’t help it 🙂 On Saturday, I went for a short run (3,7 miles), and I was so sore afterward… which is NOT normal, so I’m easing back into it this week. Here’s a 34 day workout plan that I shall follow religiously:

34: 45 Cycle (noon) & LB+Abs (no cycling but 50min DVD UB+LB+Abs.)
33: SR 3,7 miles + Abs (and it’s done! rough run though, since I was VERY sore from yesterday’s DVD)
32: TM Sprints & Abs+UB (I have to explain: recovering from that cold seems to be harder for my body than I thought. I am more sore than ever even after what I’d consider light exercise… so I had to give my body a rest today! Still did a 45min walk and abs)
31: PR 5 miles + Abs (Still recovering !?!?!? but I did do Abs!)
30: Off! (sat) (Short 3 miles run and Abs)

—- This week is off… but the next will be back on track 🙂
29: EP 30 & Abs+UB —– 01/24/10 (Exercise TV 40 min. “Rock Hard Total Body” w/ Marco Reed  + Abs)
28: LR 7 miles + Abs (2 miles + Abs.. Busy, sore, and getting back into it)
27: SM or TM 30 & LB+Abs (6 miles)
26: SR 4 miles + Abs (No More Trouble Zone DVD + Abs and 5 min. TM cool down)
25: TM Tempo (45 min) & Abs+UB (TM Tempo 45 [15-20-10 ] 5.2miles + Abs + 30 push-ups)
24: PR 4 miles (TM 4 miles + 30 plyo)
23: Off! (Mall walking… no really just shopping! ;-))

22: EP 30 & Abs+UB —— 01/31/10 (No More Trouble Zones DVD + Abs + 35 Plyo)
21: LR 6.5 miles + Abs (Blah!)
20: Cycle45 (noon) & Abs+LB (6.5 miles + Abs + Plyo)
19: SR 3,7 miles + Abs (EP20 + No More Trouble Zones DVD)
18: TM Sprints & Abs + Plyos (TM 30 sprints & Abs + Plyos)
17: 4.5miles + Abs (4.5 miles, legs are stiff)
16: BK 30 (easy)

15: Superbowl!! DVD —— 02/07/10
14: LR 7 miles & Abs+UB
13: EP30 &  DVD
12: SR 4.5 miles + Abs
11: TM Sprints & Abs+UB
10: PR 3,7 miles + Abs
09: Off!

08: EP30 & Abs+UB —— 02/14/10
07: LR8 miles + Abs
06: SM 30 & Abs+LB
05: SR 4 miles
04: TM Tempo 45 & Abs+UB
03: PR 5 miles + Abs
02: Off!

01: LR 9 miles + Abs
00: Off to Puerto Rico!!!!

Yes, you read that right, I’m going to Puerto Rico!!! I am so excited, since it will be my first tropical vacation EVER! I’ll make sure to post some pictures when the time comes 🙂

– Kloé

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