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Why do good intentions don’t always lead to good things? well I don’t know, but perseverance certainly helps. Here’s what happened:

As I was working on my Plyos for the Core + Plyo Challenge (good intentions), something bad happened. I wasn’t wearing my running shoes (only a pair of socks) and as I jumped in my push-up position, I felt a sharp pain in my big toe. Then I think to myself “oh merde!“… My wooden floors gave me a splinter! I was just about to go for my long run, and I saw my running life “défiler” before my eyes. I tried squeezing it out, without much results. I reached for the nail clipper (warning: it gets a bit graphic here) and carved my way to the splinter, but it was just not enough. It kept going a bit further.

You have to understand here that many scenarios were passing through my head. What if it causes infection and I can’t run? What if it’s so painful for the next week that I can’t run? and what if it becomes so bad they have to remove my big toe, or worse my whole foot? Ok I admit I didn’t think this far: just thought it would be a nice addition! but you get the point. So paired with the nail clipper, a needle was just what I needed. After spending 20 minutes not giving up (perseverance), I got it! Me vs. Splinter and I WON! Woah, what an EPIC morning!

Lesson to retain: when doing Plyo B**** wear shoes!

Do you have bad Splinter Stories?


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