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Hey there!

Welcome on my new blog Three Green Leaves. I believe balance is a key component for leading a full and healthy life. To me this means a healthy understanding of what I eat and how to prepare it, daily exercise and rewarding events. I want to experience and rediscover ways to incorporate those important aspects of our lives.

Everyday of the week I will post a new article on one of these matters. Monday is reserved for a different healthy new recipe that I have tested and loved. Tuesday will explore new – and not so new – ways to stay fit ranging from core training to running drills while also keeping an eye on those workout DVDs and more. Every Wednesday, we will (re)discover aliments and their nutritional properties as well as ways to incorporate them in our diets. Sounds fun? well that’s not all. I am a fan – to be modest – of pastries, sweets and all that yummy stuff. This is why I declare Thursday Splurge Day with my favorite sweet recipes. Now this doesn’t mean Make it & Eat it all, but once in a while let yourself have those little things you crave for, and most importantly Enjoy!!! Now some of you may feel guilty after that little splurge? No worry. Friday is declared “Race Day”. This is where all the challenges will take place and once a month I will do a race (from 5k to Marathon in October) and review it adding pictures and all. Once again, your participation is primordial and I hope you take on the multiple challenges. (see Race Day). One more thing, the sidebar will always display my coming races and my training log to stay accountable to you (Yes, I need my butt kicked at times too!).

Keeping this in mind, I really hope you participate and help me build a health conscious community.

Question #1: What form of exercise do you always go back to or are most interested in?


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