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Here’s a little side post…

I’ve been struggling with my workouts lately. So here’s a 14 Days back in shape plan 🙂

Feel free to follow it!


14 (tonight!)
30 min cardio + 15 min UB weights

run 5 miles + abs

Insanity DVD w/ boyfriend

run 6 miles + Abs

Bike 20 miles + swim(1st lesson)

Run 7 miles + UB + Abs

Bike 20 miles + swim AM
TM sprints 20 min. night

Run 3.5 miles + Abs – EASY

Jillian DVD – AM
Bike 15 miles

Run 7 miles

EP 30 + UB + Abs

Bike 20 miles + swim

Run 5 miles + Jillian

EP 45 + Abs


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So, I’m a cellist. At least I’m a performance major in a leading conservatory. Here’s the problem: I don’t practice (enough)! So me and my cello teacher made a deal: She needs to get back in physical shape, and I need to get in “cello shape”. so for every hour she spends in the gym or cooking a healthy meal, I have to practice and match it (ideally surpass it!).


Anyways so we’ve started a joint blog to details our daily challenges… check it out: fitcello.wordpress.com … We need all the encouragements you’ve got!

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I’m very excited to be back! This summer announces to be great and filled with many many fun things. Among others, I’m going to an Elementary-school reunion – that’s right! – but more on that later… Also doing a bike tour of the state of New-York (6 days & 70 miles each day) for which I’m a bit apprehensive but very excited and of course my marathon training. But most important of all, I will be posting again 🙂

Mainly it’s the same concept as it was:

  • Monday: Healthy Recipe
  • Tuesday: Sports and exercise related articles
  • Wednesday: Nutrition topics
  • Thursday: Something new
  • Friday: Challenges and articles involving the blogging community 🙂

I hope you will forgive me for abandoning you all so abruptly, and let me know if there are things you would like to see on Three Green Leaves!

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So maybe I haven’t talked much about it, but stretching as you all know is SO important. It may prevent injuries, warm your body up and cool it down after a good exercise session. More than that, it is so relaxing when we actually take the time to do it well, and it gives a very positive ending to whatever activity you were doing.
So let’s take a little break from the crunches and all, and focus on warm-ups and cool-downs.


Goal: a total of 60 minutes of stretching for the coming week

That means only 10 minutes a day for 6 days, but do it well!

Enjoy that little break from boot camp!

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Let me just start by saying: This Challenge was a serious one.


Now, the champion of the week, is Amy to whom no one came even close… yep that’s right, not even me (shame!). So here it is: I have not completed my own challenge! I know, I probably should get kicked out from this blogging world for that… but I’ll stand my ground! I could give you a million excuses as of why I didn’t complete it, and that’s exactly what I’ll do! 1) splinter. 2) unexpected bf showing up 3) crazy week 4) lack of planning skills 😉

So on that note, I still want to congratulate everyone who took part in it, cause it wasn’t easy! Britdanielle finished the crunches and was almost there with the Plyos… The as far as me and Marie goes, we gave it a good try, but seriously lacked planning (would you say so?).

So this coming week, we’ll have a more relaxing and less boot-camp challenge… you’ll see 🙂

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This weekend, other than being the Superbowl party, I was supposed to have a race. The Dirty Dog 10k Trail Run. I was very excited for it, because it’s not one of those race where I’d try to set a PR, but really it was all about enjoying the frozen forest, the trails and the landscape. Breath in the cold air in the nature where city noises can’t reach… Well I just found out (totally my fault) that it is 1 hour and a half away from here. And I don’t have a car. So bye bye trail race in the mud/snow/forest, I’ll have to find a closer one. Which is most likely to be just a regular on the road race… I’ll still go on a long run this saturday in the frozen winter landscapes… sigh…

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As some of you may know, I am going to Puerto Rico in less than 3 weeks, and I can’t wait! I’ve been doing a bit of research and decided to talk about water sports today. So for those of you who are taking a warm vacation, live in the sun year round or those day-dreaming, read on.

What is it? About three days ago I had no idea. Never even heard that word before (remember English is only a second language!). So I researched it, and it seems to come right in my realm of aquatic capacities (no great swimming skills required).
Basically, it is swimming at the surface of the water with a tube called snorkel. Yep, that’s it. But what’s so wonderful about it, is that you get an amazing view of the under-water life while getting in some exercise AND relaxing! Yes that’s possible: for one hour of leisure swimming, a 150lbs person will burn 408 calories. Amazing right? – That is if you don’t just float the entire time (Thanks Foy)
All you need is access to a beach, a snorkel, a snorkeling mask and you are good to go! Now if you want to go all-in, get some snorkeling fins and an under-water camera for great memories.


Well you probably already know what it is: sit in your kayak, paddle in hand and… Paddle! This is a great way to explore a body of open water (sea, lakes, etc.) and its surroundings. Bring a cooler with lunch and beers, and enjoy the warm rays of the sun (I am not promoting drunk-paddling). And of course, believe it or not, you are making your shoulders, chest, biceps, and all those muscle work as you paddle. So that’s another awesome fun, relaxing way to exercise and enjoy the great outdoors. Note that I’m talking about sea/lake kayaking and not going to attempt rapids (for the moment).

I’ll make sure to take tons of pictures, and will give you a “compte-rendu” of my first tropical water sports experience. But meanwhile, I want to know your water-sports experiences, and what are your recommendations???

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