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I was reading an article that Kelly posted and it made me want to share this with you. I don’t know if it’s ethically correct, but I’m still gonna do it!

Remember when I asked the QUESTION whether or not you believe in the childhood obesity epidemic? All of you answered positively and truly believed that something must be done and supported the programs already in movement.

Well, I asked a similar question (what do you think of the whole obesity talk) but on a different blog, with a very different demographic and I got some very SHOCKING answers.

  • ” I think the media tends to make a big deal out of things just to make good stories. Recent case in point – the H1N1 scare, just for one example.”
  • “Most of that is just garbage. Americans, and others, are easily fooled by the fat scam. People judge health on looks and companies cash-in on this fact. It really is NOT about BEING healthy, it is about LOOKING healthy.”
  • “There is no epidemic, however there are BILLIONS of dollars working hard to scare you into their waiting arms”

Then I posted the speech Michelle Obama gave in support to the cause… Here are the reactions:

  • “How do you give working parents more time? How do you make healthier food more affordable? Build more health food stores (with what money?) and allow them to accept food stamps for the poor?”
  • “I think the studies that link general obesity with disease are skewed in many ways”
  • “I think there are 100 other things that this administration should be worried about other than childhood obesity. I’m sick of the government stepping in and trying to parent our kids.”

So I was very surprised when I read those comments, because I thought EVERYONE would support this cause 100%. But that’s the reality of things. And if we want to change anything (childhood Obesity?) we need to understand both sides of the issue.

Does that surprise you? What do you think? Knowing that, do you think different strategies should be put in place to counter the “obesity epidemic”?


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Hello Everyone!

Disclaimer: I’m not coming back yet, but I NEED YOUR HELP!!!

I’m writing an extensive research paper on childhood obesity and I want to know what YOU think!!


1) Do you believe in a National Obesity “Epidemic”? and why?

2) If the answer is yes, what do YOU think should be done to reverse it?


Ask as many people as you can/want and let me know 🙂

Thank you so much, I really hope to hear your thoughts!

– Kloé

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Today was a living proof that people are so generous! I was just doing a small trip to the grocery store (bananas, apples and cashews) and when it was time to pay, this lady lets me go ahead of her. She had to get something else. I thought to myself, “Oh how nice of her!”… Then I give my card to the cashier, and it was declined (!?!?!) “Declined?” well turns out my bank has replaced the card and I just need to start using it (oups!). Anyways so I was leaving, all apologetic and confused, and then that same little old lady yells at me: “Come back here, dear!” I come back of course (did I forget anything?) Turns out she decided to pay for my groceries (!?!?!?!!). I couldn’t accept, but she insisted so much, that she won the battle. I couldn’t thank her enough, (I mean how do you? right?) Then I walked away just thinking to myself, gosh she’s nice!

– Kloé

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Check out the Core + Plyo Challenge!

This Challenge is CLOSED

It’s Friday!!! And that means the all-first “Challenge Day”, designed to encourage people to stay active and healthy!

250 Crunches (any way you want them!)
One week, so get started!

You, me, and everybody you can convince to join. Make it a family challenge if you’d like!
By Thursday 11:59PM, send me your Crunch Count, with your name (and names of everybody you convinced to join!) and if you’d like,
share with us how YOU do it!
Other than a slammin’ six pack, you will run faster! Yes, you heard me: a stronger core will give you a nice speed boost! So while it doesn’t replace speed work, it certainly will help!
A whole lot of will power 😉
All of you! To see the scores, Click the Apple Core!

* If 250 seems a lot for a week, look at it this way: 36 crunches per day and you can do half in the morning and half at night!

Click It!

So here are some mini-guidelines:
– Planks: 10 sec= 2 crunches
– You can use your Abs DVD, just make sure to count how many you do!
– Be honest about it.. otherwise it’s no fun!

Get to work and don’t forget to bring in as many people as you can!

– Kloé

Question #3: What’s your favorite Ab move?

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