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So, I’m a cellist. At least I’m a performance major in a leading conservatory. Here’s the problem: I don’t practice (enough)! So me and my cello teacher made a deal: She needs to get back in physical shape, and I need to get in “cello shape”. so for every hour she spends in the gym or cooking a healthy meal, I have to practice and match it (ideally surpass it!).


Anyways so we’ve started a joint blog to details our daily challenges… check it out: fitcello.wordpress.com … We need all the encouragements you’ve got!


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So maybe I haven’t talked much about it, but stretching as you all know is SO important. It may prevent injuries, warm your body up and cool it down after a good exercise session. More than that, it is so relaxing when we actually take the time to do it well, and it gives a very positive ending to whatever activity you were doing.
So let’s take a little break from the crunches and all, and focus on warm-ups and cool-downs.


Goal: a total of 60 minutes of stretching for the coming week

That means only 10 minutes a day for 6 days, but do it well!

Enjoy that little break from boot camp!

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Let me just start by saying: This Challenge was a serious one.


Now, the champion of the week, is Amy to whom no one came even close… yep that’s right, not even me (shame!). So here it is: I have not completed my own challenge! I know, I probably should get kicked out from this blogging world for that… but I’ll stand my ground! I could give you a million excuses as of why I didn’t complete it, and that’s exactly what I’ll do! 1) splinter. 2) unexpected bf showing up 3) crazy week 4) lack of planning skills 😉

So on that note, I still want to congratulate everyone who took part in it, cause it wasn’t easy! Britdanielle finished the crunches and was almost there with the Plyos… The as far as me and Marie goes, we gave it a good try, but seriously lacked planning (would you say so?).

So this coming week, we’ll have a more relaxing and less boot-camp challenge… you’ll see 🙂

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Quick reminder that today is your LAST CHANCE to complete your challenge, so good luck to all, me included!

– Check your score here!

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Why do good intentions don’t always lead to good things? well I don’t know, but perseverance certainly helps. Here’s what happened:

As I was working on my Plyos for the Core + Plyo Challenge (good intentions), something bad happened. I wasn’t wearing my running shoes (only a pair of socks) and as I jumped in my push-up position, I felt a sharp pain in my big toe. Then I think to myself “oh merde!“… My wooden floors gave me a splinter! I was just about to go for my long run, and I saw my running life “défiler” before my eyes. I tried squeezing it out, without much results. I reached for the nail clipper (warning: it gets a bit graphic here) and carved my way to the splinter, but it was just not enough. It kept going a bit further.

You have to understand here that many scenarios were passing through my head. What if it causes infection and I can’t run? What if it’s so painful for the next week that I can’t run? and what if it becomes so bad they have to remove my big toe, or worse my whole foot? Ok I admit I didn’t think this far: just thought it would be a nice addition! but you get the point. So paired with the nail clipper, a needle was just what I needed. After spending 20 minutes not giving up (perseverance), I got it! Me vs. Splinter and I WON! Woah, what an EPIC morning!

Lesson to retain: when doing Plyo B**** wear shoes!

Do you have bad Splinter Stories?

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Woah, so last night I did my first Plyo workout for the Challenge, and let me tell you they are CHALLENGING! so if you haven’t had a chance to look over the New Challenge, here’s an overview:

See details Here

The Rules:

  • 1000 crunches & 200 Plyometric B****
  • You have until next Thursday (February 4th 11:59PM) to turn in your numbers.
  • Update me as often as you can by leaving a comment on the wall
  • Bring in as many people as you can, to help me and the world to be a FITTER and HEALTHIER place!
  • There’s a reason why I called it the Plyometric B****. If you REALLY can’t do it, just omit the push-up and stay in plank position.

How Do You Get In? Just leave a message saying “I’m in” and I’ll put your name up on the board!

– Kloé

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And the time’s up! The Core Challenge 1000 is finally over. A total of SIX people entered it, of which THREE successfully finished. So a big applause to Amy, whom not only finished on time, but added an extra 125 crunches to her score. Wow! Then I got a bit worried for Marie, (it was Thursday 8PM and I hadn’t gotten her remaining 190 crunches in) but she pulled it off like it was NO BIG DEAL! And finally me, I did it :-).

As I said earlier, there are three people who I shall not name, that didn’t complete the challenge (check the scoreboard/green apple ;-)) and just because I strongly believe in finishing what we started, you have an EXTENSION, until next Friday (yes I’m very generous!). So JUST DO IT!!

New Challenge will be Up and Running soon!

– Kloé

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