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Here’s a little side post…

I’ve been struggling with my workouts lately. So here’s a 14 Days back in shape plan 🙂

Feel free to follow it!


14 (tonight!)
30 min cardio + 15 min UB weights

run 5 miles + abs

Insanity DVD w/ boyfriend

run 6 miles + Abs

Bike 20 miles + swim(1st lesson)

Run 7 miles + UB + Abs

Bike 20 miles + swim AM
TM sprints 20 min. night

Run 3.5 miles + Abs – EASY

Jillian DVD – AM
Bike 15 miles

Run 7 miles

EP 30 + UB + Abs

Bike 20 miles + swim

Run 5 miles + Jillian

EP 45 + Abs


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Do you ever feel those last two days/weeks/months have been everything BUT healthy? no exercise, a lot of “specials”… And at this point, getting back on track seems almost impossible – especially that first step, right?

Well, I’ve got news (or just a reminder) for you: not only is it “possible”, but it’s actually very doable!

Step #1:
Acknowledge that it starts Here and Now. Not tomorrow after that business trip of yours.

Step #2: Identify that barrier between you and your exercise: is it physical, psychological or a hibrid of both?

  • Ex: It’s been three days  I have not exercised at all and have not been eating well to say the least – I STILL feel full and bloated, etc. Even my daily gigantic water intake was out the window!
    Needless to explain how I feel… but it’d be pretty close to an old, dried-up, very slow… something!
    Just the thought of going on a 5 miles run seems to be straight out of a Fairy Tale/Fantasy book… Heck, I’m not even sure I could do a mile right now!
    As sad and pathetic as this is, I KNOW I don’t have a choice: the more I wait, the harder it’s gonna be, and quite frankly, I can’t bare the thought of anything harder than that, so onto phase #3!

Step #3: Fix it, step by step!

Here’s what I’m gonna do:

  1. Pick up my dear bottle of water and never let it leave my side… ever again! (OK – maybe just for the next couple of days)
  2. Go for a walk with my new BFF Aquafina. That will make me realize my legs are still capable of moving (thank god!) and well it’s a great way to fill that lunch hour!
  3. Finally, I feel almost ready to tackle the monster: I lace-up my running shoes, do 10-20 push-ups to get the blood flowing (really it just makes me feel really BAD-ASS!!) and head-out the door… Without giving a chance to my mind to convince me otherwise! I’m not going all out, just a nice and short run is enough to get my motivation back on track so tomorrow I’ll have a great souvenir of it and will want to do it all-over again!

OK: I talk the talk, now onto walking the walk! – Literally 😉

What are your “Back on Track” stories and tricks?

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→ Check out the Latest Challenge Here

Last Friday, I started the “Race Day Challenge Series”  with a Core challenge. Success? Marie rocked it with over 500 crunches. I did about 320. Since we all need stronger and more defined abs (it’s never enough, is it?) I decided to keep this as an ongoing challenge. This week’s goal: 1000 crunches (turned in before next Thursday, Jan. 28th 11:59PM). I know Marie’s up for it, and I know I am! So join the ab-party(Hah!) and bring in anyone you want! Click the Green Apple to see the updated scores!

Here are a couple reasons why you want a stronger core:

  1. It just looks great!
  2. Enhances running performance (better posture, less pressure on the joints, stronger stride, etc.)
  3. Enhances swimming, biking, and most sports performance
  4. Helps maintain a good posture (a good posture is always very well perceived by your peers and coworkers!)
  5. For those trying to lose weight, a tighter midsection decreases the health risks of Diabetes, heart conditions, high blood pressure, etc.

Join in the Core Challenge for the second/third week, and all you have to do is your best! It is a friendly competition, and YOU are your biggest competitor! So get on the mat and prove to yourself that you can do it!

I know there are a lot more moves out there then just crunches, so use common sense to count it 🙂
Update me as frequently as you can by leaving a comment on the wall!

– Kloé

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Hello runners, walkers, or whomever you may be that are using your knees… Yes, that’s pretty much everyone! Recently (last October) I had to stop running to my great horror. And that lasted for about two and a half month(!!!) until late December. How many of you have had to reduce or stop completely your training because of a nagging knee injury? My assumption is MANY! This whole thing led me to research on the subject in order to prevent its recurrence . But before to “fix it” we need to understand it:

What is a “Knee Injury”?
There are many different kinds of knee injuries, but the most common kind is certainly Chondromalacia, also referred to as “Runner’s Knee”. Basically it is a tear/overuse of the cartilage under your kneecap, resulting in pain, inflammation and irritation. Sounds pretty awful, but the good news is that it can heal – given you do the right thing! Oddly enough, it seems to affect mostly young or healthy individuals, especially runners, cyclists, skiers, or soccer players.

What Causes it?

  • Overpronation (when the feet roll inward too much)
  • Weak or fatigued quadriceps
  • Muscle imbalance between the quadriceps and hamstrings
  • Running on inclined ground
  • Overtraining (yes, I know it’s annoying!)

How Do I Treat It?

  • REST! (and I mean it) Any other activity hurting your knee (walking, going up the stairs, etc.) will only further the irritation of the cartilage.
  • Ice your knee for 15 min. at least twice a day
  • Stretch your quads and hamstrings.
  • Start a knee strengthening program that will improve the balance of the muscles around your knee.
  • Once your knee is better(usually 4-6 weeks), start running (or whatever it is you do) gradually, and make sure you warm-up properly. Don’t go all out within the first week!

Prevent It!

  • Stretch, strengthen your muscles (quads, hamstrings, hip abductor) and work on balancing exercises.
  • Never run on a worn-out shoes (after 350 miles, hit the store)
  • Incorporate rest days in your training, and non-impact activities such as pool-running, swimming (which I really need to learn!) or biking on low-resistance high cadence.
  • Avoid running on concrete surfaces when you can, and hit the trails, or even synthetic track which is more cushiony.
  • Stop if you ever feel pain, and take the next day off!

Are you on a knee-injury break but still want to stay in shape?
Join me in the Core Challenge… You still have a couple days left 🙂

– Kloé

What’s your story on knee injuries?

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Ouch, so this past week was a definite flop when it comes to working out. I got sick with a pretty bad cold which stuck to me like bad weather sticks to Cleveland… Hahaha, I couldn’t help it 🙂 On Saturday, I went for a short run (3,7 miles), and I was so sore afterward… which is NOT normal, so I’m easing back into it this week. Here’s a 34 day workout plan that I shall follow religiously:

34: 45 Cycle (noon) & LB+Abs (no cycling but 50min DVD UB+LB+Abs.)
33: SR 3,7 miles + Abs (and it’s done! rough run though, since I was VERY sore from yesterday’s DVD)
32: TM Sprints & Abs+UB (I have to explain: recovering from that cold seems to be harder for my body than I thought. I am more sore than ever even after what I’d consider light exercise… so I had to give my body a rest today! Still did a 45min walk and abs)
31: PR 5 miles + Abs (Still recovering !?!?!? but I did do Abs!)
30: Off! (sat) (Short 3 miles run and Abs)

—- This week is off… but the next will be back on track 🙂
29: EP 30 & Abs+UB —– 01/24/10 (Exercise TV 40 min. “Rock Hard Total Body” w/ Marco Reed  + Abs)
28: LR 7 miles + Abs (2 miles + Abs.. Busy, sore, and getting back into it)
27: SM or TM 30 & LB+Abs (6 miles)
26: SR 4 miles + Abs (No More Trouble Zone DVD + Abs and 5 min. TM cool down)
25: TM Tempo (45 min) & Abs+UB (TM Tempo 45 [15-20-10 ] 5.2miles + Abs + 30 push-ups)
24: PR 4 miles (TM 4 miles + 30 plyo)
23: Off! (Mall walking… no really just shopping! ;-))

22: EP 30 & Abs+UB —— 01/31/10 (No More Trouble Zones DVD + Abs + 35 Plyo)
21: LR 6.5 miles + Abs (Blah!)
20: Cycle45 (noon) & Abs+LB (6.5 miles + Abs + Plyo)
19: SR 3,7 miles + Abs (EP20 + No More Trouble Zones DVD)
18: TM Sprints & Abs + Plyos (TM 30 sprints & Abs + Plyos)
17: 4.5miles + Abs (4.5 miles, legs are stiff)
16: BK 30 (easy)

15: Superbowl!! DVD —— 02/07/10
14: LR 7 miles & Abs+UB
13: EP30 &  DVD
12: SR 4.5 miles + Abs
11: TM Sprints & Abs+UB
10: PR 3,7 miles + Abs
09: Off!

08: EP30 & Abs+UB —— 02/14/10
07: LR8 miles + Abs
06: SM 30 & Abs+LB
05: SR 4 miles
04: TM Tempo 45 & Abs+UB
03: PR 5 miles + Abs
02: Off!

01: LR 9 miles + Abs
00: Off to Puerto Rico!!!!

Yes, you read that right, I’m going to Puerto Rico!!! I am so excited, since it will be my first tropical vacation EVER! I’ll make sure to post some pictures when the time comes 🙂

– Kloé

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Check out the Core + Plyo Challenge!

This Challenge is CLOSED

It’s Friday!!! And that means the all-first “Challenge Day”, designed to encourage people to stay active and healthy!

250 Crunches (any way you want them!)
One week, so get started!

You, me, and everybody you can convince to join. Make it a family challenge if you’d like!
By Thursday 11:59PM, send me your Crunch Count, with your name (and names of everybody you convinced to join!) and if you’d like,
share with us how YOU do it!
Other than a slammin’ six pack, you will run faster! Yes, you heard me: a stronger core will give you a nice speed boost! So while it doesn’t replace speed work, it certainly will help!
A whole lot of will power 😉
All of you! To see the scores, Click the Apple Core!

* If 250 seems a lot for a week, look at it this way: 36 crunches per day and you can do half in the morning and half at night!

Click It!

So here are some mini-guidelines:
– Planks: 10 sec= 2 crunches
– You can use your Abs DVD, just make sure to count how many you do!
– Be honest about it.. otherwise it’s no fun!

Get to work and don’t forget to bring in as many people as you can!

– Kloé

Question #3: What’s your favorite Ab move?

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