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You’re excited, get up early make sure you haven’t forgotten anything and get in the car. En Route for [fill in the blank]. Haven’t had breakfast yet? No problem, there’s always a rest stop around…

We all know the nutritional dangers that road-trips can bring, and sometimes packing a cooler with healthy meals just doesn’t seem right. So when facing the Golden Arch and its fellow competitors, you CAN get something healthy but still get that special occasion feeling.

But beware: sometimes a healthy-sounding option is just the opposite!

Check-out the Breakfast Compilation


    • Oatmeal (140 cal) + Nut Medley topping (100 cal)watch the dried fruit topping it has a lot of added sugars.
    • Tall Skinny Vanilla Late (90 cal)
    • Egg White, Spinach & Feta Wrap (280 calories, beware: 900mg sodium – 39%)
    • 8-Grain Roll (350 calories, 5g dietary fibers-20%, 10g protein, watch it:21 g sugar)


    • Yogurt Parfaits (They are all above 30g of sugar)
    • Lowfat Red Raspberry Muffin(340 calories, 37g sugars !!!)
    • Zucchini Walnut Muffin (490 calories, 28g sugars, 28g fat-44%)
    • Any drinks with “cream” in it!


    • Egg Muffin Melt w/ egg whites, black forest ham and cheese (160 calories, 4g fat, 15g protein)


    • 6″Omelet Sandwich – even with egg whites! (all around 1400mg sodium and more!)

    • Hotcakes w/0 syrup or margarine (350 calories, 8g protein, 10% fiber)
    • Fruit n’ yogurt parfait w/ granola (160 calories, 4g protein, watch it: 21g sugar)


    • Egg McMuffin (although only 300 calories, it packs 260mg of cholesterol – 87%)
    • Hotcake syrup (180 calories, 32g sugars)

When’s the last time you went on a road-trip? Any go-to morning favorites?


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Last night Cleveland was hit by a HUGE thunder storm (at least by Northeast Ohio standards) with hail the size of a quarter! We just drove through the main street of Lakewood this morning and trees were down with everyone trying to clean up and assess the damages. Just a reminder that nature is a powerful thing…

On a different note, I posted a poll yesterday on comfort foods and here it is again. I’d love to have your input! Just so you know it has a purpose…

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I was reading an article that Kelly posted and it made me want to share this with you. I don’t know if it’s ethically correct, but I’m still gonna do it!

Remember when I asked the QUESTION whether or not you believe in the childhood obesity epidemic? All of you answered positively and truly believed that something must be done and supported the programs already in movement.

Well, I asked a similar question (what do you think of the whole obesity talk) but on a different blog, with a very different demographic and I got some very SHOCKING answers.

  • ” I think the media tends to make a big deal out of things just to make good stories. Recent case in point – the H1N1 scare, just for one example.”
  • “Most of that is just garbage. Americans, and others, are easily fooled by the fat scam. People judge health on looks and companies cash-in on this fact. It really is NOT about BEING healthy, it is about LOOKING healthy.”
  • “There is no epidemic, however there are BILLIONS of dollars working hard to scare you into their waiting arms”

Then I posted the speech Michelle Obama gave in support to the cause… Here are the reactions:

  • “How do you give working parents more time? How do you make healthier food more affordable? Build more health food stores (with what money?) and allow them to accept food stamps for the poor?”
  • “I think the studies that link general obesity with disease are skewed in many ways”
  • “I think there are 100 other things that this administration should be worried about other than childhood obesity. I’m sick of the government stepping in and trying to parent our kids.”

So I was very surprised when I read those comments, because I thought EVERYONE would support this cause 100%. But that’s the reality of things. And if we want to change anything (childhood Obesity?) we need to understand both sides of the issue.

Does that surprise you? What do you think? Knowing that, do you think different strategies should be put in place to counter the “obesity epidemic”?

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We all know about Cinco de Mayo, and we all make a point to drink margaritas and tequila to commemorate… wait do we know what it commemorates? Well I didn’t until just about now.
Unlike what many of us may assume, it doesn’t celebrate the independence of Mexico – which is September 16th. It simply commemorates the day when Mexico defeated the French army in a very unlikely battle (Battle of Puebla) in 1862. So I guess I’ll be partying it up for a battle my ancestors lost… hmmm…

Anyways, since today is a “Nutrition” day and I wanted to stay in the spirit of Cinco de Mayo, I will be talking about Corn! That vegetable has gotten a bad rep in the last few years but really it doesn’t deserve it. Granted it has more calories than let’s say broccoli, but it is packed with a great variety of nutrients!

Nutrition data for 1 cup (154g) – Percentages based on a 2000 cal. diet:

  • 132 calories
  • 5 g of protein
  • 4 g dietary fibers (17%)
    Supports bowel regularity
    Helps maintain normal cholesterol & blood sugar levels
    Helps keep unwanted pounds off
  • Vitamin C (17%)
    Helps strengthen the immune system
    Improves iron absorption

    Needed for formation of collagen
  • Thiamin (21%) – vitamin B1
    Helps convert carbs into energy
    Essential for functionning of heart, muscles and nervous system
  • Niacin (13%) – vitamin B3
    Essential for functioning of digestive system, skin and nerves
    Important in conversion of food to energy
  • Folate (18%) – Folic Acid – vitamin B9
    Helps body break down and create new protein
    Helps tissue growth and cell work
    Helps prevent certain birth defects
  • Magnesium (14%)
    Contraction and relaxation of muscles
    Production and transport of energy
    Helps production of protein
  • Phosphorus (14%)
    Helps formation of bones and teeth
    Helps growth, maintenance, and repair of cells and tissues
    Works with B vitamins helping in functioning of kidneys, regularity of the heartbeat, and nerve conduction

Reasons why I LOVE it:

  • It’s just so sweet and tasty! I add it to random dishes and it just does wonders for the flavor!
  • It adds color. I’m very visual, and I like pretty things (who doesn’t!)
  • It’s quick. I use frozen corn kernels (just as healthy- make sure no salt has been added)
  • It’s ultra versatile. Use it in sweet breads, salads, warm dishes or on the cob!

Now that you believe me that corn is actually good for you, you still have to be careful! The reason why corn has gotten such a bad rep is because of the way it is usually served. So here are a couple Cinco de Mayo recipes that you won’t feel guilty about!

Chilaquiles Casserole
Green Tomato Salsa
Mexican Corn Pudding

What are your plans for the day?

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I’m very excited to be back! This summer announces to be great and filled with many many fun things. Among others, I’m going to an Elementary-school reunion – that’s right! – but more on that later… Also doing a bike tour of the state of New-York (6 days & 70 miles each day) for which I’m a bit apprehensive but very excited and of course my marathon training. But most important of all, I will be posting again 🙂

Mainly it’s the same concept as it was:

  • Monday: Healthy Recipe
  • Tuesday: Sports and exercise related articles
  • Wednesday: Nutrition topics
  • Thursday: Something new
  • Friday: Challenges and articles involving the blogging community 🙂

I hope you will forgive me for abandoning you all so abruptly, and let me know if there are things you would like to see on Three Green Leaves!

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Hello Everyone!

Disclaimer: I’m not coming back yet, but I NEED YOUR HELP!!!

I’m writing an extensive research paper on childhood obesity and I want to know what YOU think!!


1) Do you believe in a National Obesity “Epidemic”? and why?

2) If the answer is yes, what do YOU think should be done to reverse it?


Ask as many people as you can/want and let me know 🙂

Thank you so much, I really hope to hear your thoughts!

– Kloé

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So maybe I haven’t talked much about it, but stretching as you all know is SO important. It may prevent injuries, warm your body up and cool it down after a good exercise session. More than that, it is so relaxing when we actually take the time to do it well, and it gives a very positive ending to whatever activity you were doing.
So let’s take a little break from the crunches and all, and focus on warm-ups and cool-downs.


Goal: a total of 60 minutes of stretching for the coming week

That means only 10 minutes a day for 6 days, but do it well!

Enjoy that little break from boot camp!

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